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Online Dating Investigations

Online dating is the new and accepted way to meet someone. The problem you have is that how can you be sure the person you have met online is real?  We can help.

Clients' hire us to:

   - Authenticate an online dating profile: Are you concerned the person you are dating is not being truthful

   - To engage surveillance: Concerned your single online date is married or not the CEO they say they are, we can help

   - Check public records: Do they say they own a company, is financially stable but things don't add up?

   - Check to see if your date is dating someone else when they are telling you “you are the only one”

   - Validate the photo to make sure it's real and belongs to the person you are dating. 

   - Investigate the online profile.

    - Or are you being harassed online and don't know what to do

  - Concerned a family member is being scammed and not sure what to do

  - We can help

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We would love to hear from you about your Online Dating experiance. Your information is  confidential and we never ask for your real name.

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Rokez Investigators are experts in infidelity and relationship investigations. We have conducted hundreds of domestic investigations. These include tracking family assets, surveillance of a cheating partner, forensic analysis of computers, designing safety plans for family members, engaging our protection team to ensure the safety of witnesses, arranging the logistics of family court matters through to missing persons enquiries.

Director Kerrie Pihema has offered comment on the subject of infidelity to national and international TV, written articles on the topic and been interviewed on national radio. 

Kerrie Pihema is considered an expert in the area of relationship investigations and works closely with some of New Zealand’s top Lawyers, Forensic Accountants, Psychologist’s to give her clients the best advice when dealing with the complexities of relationship investigations.

Our team of experts give you the knowledge and support to make the decision that is right for you. Every client whos partner we have uncovered having an affair, has expressed regret that they didn't address the issue earlier. 

Clients hire us to; 

   - Prove infidelity

   - Verify co-habitation with another party

   - Validate claims

   - Provide surveillance

   - Gather evidence

   - Discuss options

    - Arrange client appointments with a  Family Lawyer,        Forensic Accountant

      or Psychologist 

   - Analyse computer entries

   - Locate matrimonial property.  

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The dissolution of marriage can be very stressful for everyone.

This process can be made more stressful when you realise your partner has omitted to include in the affidavit,

joint assets or that a significant amount of joint money has now disappeared.

Clients hire us to;

   - Research all public records for evidence to support or refute the Affidavit
   - Work closely with the family lawyer to investigate claims
   - Request all documentation from banks (if applicable)
   - Review all documentation
   - Complete financial analysis transactions on accounts to look for evidence
   - Photograph chattels and investigate stolen property
   - Investigate business associations
   - Provide physical or electronic surveillance
   - Provide security for the client or family members when attending family court proceedings
   - Investigate the validity of the Affidavit for Assets and Liabilities submitted by an ex- partner during a family court proceeding

Child Custody

Clients hire us to;    

- Provide child custody hand over services able to travel both in New Zealand and overseas

   - Surveillance on a adult third party

   - Surveillance to confirm or dispute the conditions of the court are upheld

   - Personal protection services

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Clients' hire us to:

   - Protect high profile clients

   - Transport clients to and from sites

   - Accompany clients on flights

   - Accompany client’s children on flights

   - Transport personal property

   - Male and Female operators available

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Personal Protection


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