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From relationship issues that include infidelity, separation, divorce and child custody - through to tracing missing people or finding birth parents, we've got you covered. 


We have been involved in relationship investigations for over 20 years. Not much has changed apart from technology investigating relationship have an impressive collection of services and methods.  These include forensic investigation, surveillance and personal protection - all designed to deliver results in a timely manner.   


Years of experience have taught us to tackle each investigation in a professional manner, and we’re committed to protecting the privacy of each client while doing all we can in order to provide them with timely and accurate results.



You deserve to know the truth

Rokez Investigators are experts in infidelity and relationship investigations.


We have conducted hundreds of complex domestic investigations.


Investigations include tracking family assets, surveillance of a cheating partner and forensic analysis of computers and devices. 


We can also design safety plans for family members and engage our protection team to ensure the safety of witnesses. 


All this, and more can be done, while arranging the logistics of family court matters.  ​

​Kerrie Pihema is considered an expert in the area of relationship investigations. 

She  works closely with some of New Zealand’s top Forensic Accountants, Lawyers and Psychologists, to give her clients the best advice when dealing with the complexities of relationship investigations.

Our team of experts give you the knowledge and support to make the decision that is right for you.

Every client, whose partner we have uncovered having an affair, has expressed regret that they didn't address the issue earlier. 

Clients hire us to:

  • Prove infidelity

  • Verify co-habitation with another party

  • Validate claims

  • Provide surveillance

  • Gather evidence

  • Discuss options

  • Arrange client appointments with a Family Lawyer,  Forensic Accountant or Psychologist 

  • Analyse computer entries

  • Locate matrimonial property 

This is one of our most in demand services.  


Although many cases are often time-sensitive and always unpredictable, our amazing team of seasoned investigators is well equipped to handle this kind of task responsibly and carefully.  Its critical we avoid information leaks and legal mis-steps.

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It's easy to hide

Online dating is the new and accepted way to meet someone. The problem you have, is how can you be sure the person you have met online is authentic?  We can help.

Clients hire us to:

  • Authenticate an online dating profile.  Are you concerned the person you are dating is not being truthful?

  • To engage surveillance.  Concerned your single online date is married or not the CEO they say they are?  We can help. 

  • Check public records.  Do they say they own a company, are financially stable but things don't add up?

  • Check to see if your date is dating someone else when they are telling you “you are the only one”

  • Validate the photo to make sure it's real and belongs to the person you are dating.



Are you being harassed online and don't know what to do?


Or concerned a family member is being scammed and is afraid to admit it?

Many people feel foolish or embarrassed they have been scammed online and handed over money. 


This means many cases go unreported.  It is best to talk with someone in our team in complete confidence.



Reasons for searching for someone are many and varied.  From trying to find family members, friends, war veterans to tracing someone who may owe you money.

We work with a wide team - both nationally and internationally in this area using Genealogy and DNA tracking where applicable.


For people brought up by adoptive parents the need to find and know their Birth Parents is often a driving force in their lives.

We understand the emotional turmoil that can engulf someone during this period of their lives.

Our team will provide support and empathy and are well versed in the procedures required for a New Zealand Adopted Adult to begin their search. 

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A stressful time

The dissolution of marriage can be very stressful for everyone.

This process can be made more stressful when you realise your partner has omitted to include in the affidavit, joint assets, or that a significant amount of joint money has now disappeared.

Clients hire us to:

  • Research all public records for evidence to support or refute the Affidavit

  • Work closely with the family lawyer to investigate claims

  • Request all documentation from banks (if applicable)

  • Review all documentation

  • Complete financial analysis transactions on accounts to look for evidence

  • Photograph chattels and investigate stolen property

  • Investigate business associations

  • Provide physical or electronic surveillance

  • Provide security for the client or family members when attending family court proceedings

  • Investigate the validity of the Affidavit for Assets and Liabilities submitted by an ex- partner during a family court proceeding

With this service, you can stay calm, knowing that our skilled team will use all available resources to find the information you seek.

When you decide to work with Rokez Investigations, you’re guaranteed accurate, honest and timely results.


Clients hire us to:    

  • Provide child custody hand over services able to travel both in New Zealand and overseas

  • Surveillance on an adult third party

  • Surveillance to confirm or dispute the conditions of the court are upheld

  • Personal protection services



The world seems to be turning into a more dangerous place, and this means trusting people blindly is getting harder to do. 

We offer the following to help protect our clients with both male and female operators available:

  •    Transport clients to and from sites

  •    Accompany clients on flights

  •    Accompany client’s children on flights

  •    Transporting personal property

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