There is a number of reason clients request surveillance and a number of ways surveillance can be applied to an investigation.

Why choose surveillance?
Surveillance is conducted to obtain evidence of a crime, to locate property, to identify a person, to observe activity in an area, to document evidence and to gather intelligence that will with stand the rigors of a judicial proceeding.
What types of surveillance are there?
Surveillance can include, human, mechanical, static, mobile, overt and covert approaches.
The decision to use one or a number of these options is dictated by the required outcome, timeframe and the clients budget.

What types of cases require surveillance?
  - Relationship investigations
  - Relationship property enquiries
  - Missing persons 
  - Insurance investigations
  - Re-occurring theft

  - Staff theft

  - Intelligence gathering

At Rokez Investigations, we offer an experienced team of surveillance operators with both Police and Army experiance. We also offer surveillance vehicles, cameras (large and small) for any type of assignment.​
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