Computer Forensics - Unraveling the secrets

In this age of technology every person is communicating online, they are sending emails,engaging in social media, making business and personal transactions and all of this information is trackable. 

Our team at Rokez Investigations are experts in retrieving and analysing large quanties of complex information and turing that into bit size bites so that patterns and behaviours can be clearly understood.

We can highlight the movement of assets, cash and commodities from bank accounts, compare that to company records and associations. This information can be placed in a timeline to quickly understand criminal behaviour and patterns.

Relationship Investigation:  A client, concerned her husband was having an affair asked if we could identify any cash transactions from their joint bank account. A year’s worth of bank statements were analysed to uncover $15,000 taken from an ATM machine to buy gifts for the new girlfriend. We also identified that regular automatic payments were being made to an overseas bank account in the new girlfriend’s name. This information became the basis for further disclosure.

Company Office records: A client was concerned a new business partner had previous business dealings with their competitor even though this was denied during the recruitment phase.  A thorough investigation into historic public information confirmed the clients’ suspicions and to his amazement continued during the period of time their new business was formed. Analysis of the business computer also revealed company I.P was being compromised.

Employee Theft: A small business owner was concerned her employee was accessing their online customer data base without authority with the view to start his own business. Analysis of the computer confirmed the online activity. All the information was charted, with a corresponding timeline and presented as a tool at the employment disputes meeting. The employee immediately handed in his notice.

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