Due Diligence

Performing Due Diligence on prospective employees or those employees gaining promotion can reduce occupational risk.

Pre-employment and Promotional background screening is not new however more often than not the basics of background checking and due diligence is often overlooked due to cost, time, lack of  employment screening knowledge, an environment based on trust or just too busy.

Whatever the reason, overlooking these basic principles can put the employee, your client and business at risk as well as having a long term irreparable effect on your business reputation.

At the very least, proper screening should include a comprehensive reference check. Other items for which to screen potential employees include any or all of the following:
























If you are unsure how to go about checking credentials, call us for a free no obligation quote. Call 04:386 3260.

Clients hire us to perform; 

   - Criminal background checks
   - Police vetting
   - Credit checks
   -  Company checks
   - Drug testing
   - Verification of information provided by the prospective applicant
   - Verification of educational background/experience
   - Property checking
   - Physical checks to confirm address
   - Educational checks

  - C.V checks


If you suspect your premises of being bugged, you can’t go past using Rokez Investigations Ltd.


Whether you are a concerned citizen or organization who believes someone or organisation has bugged your property, home, office or vehicle using a listening device, telephone tap, surveillance video or tracking device, your next phone call should be to us.

Before you make that call however consider using an unrelated phone or send us an encrypted email. Making a phone call in your vehicle may only increase your risk. Rokez Investigations Ltd offers state of the art equipment and certified experienced operators.

We offer an electronic bug sweeping service together with a physical search of your premises that can be completed either overtly, covertly,

day or night. At the conclusion of the sweep you will receive a report with recommendations that will suit your security needs and budget.

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